Promoting Gospel Music in Nigeria

The gospel music industry in Nigeria is believed to be facing many challenges. Top on the list is the reluctance to air gospel content by some A-list media companies (TV, Radio and Print all inclusive).

It is also a known fact that many gospel musicians, especially in Nigeria, pay less attention to minimum quality requirements before creating their content; this is clearly seen in the quality of songs and videos they have in the majority. Only a handful of Nigerian gospel musicians pay attention to details as regards the quality level of their work.

Now, in promoting gospel music, even with the challenge stated above, there are some not very known opportunities; revealing one of such opportunities is the core reason for this post.

If the quality of your song is good and you are a gospel artiste, there is a platform which promotes Nigerian gospel musicians for free to millions of people in and outside Nigeria. The only challenge you may face is in their quality check. So if you are sure you have good quality work, then you don’t have a problem.

To send your gospel music for free promotion on that platform, get the following ready…

1. Artwork for your song
2. Your song in mp3
3. Your Biography
4. Describe the song. Say something about why you made the song
5. If you have a video on YouTube, send the link

Then send all to:

If your song pass their quality check, they will start promoting your song and send you an email to tell you where your song is being promoted so you check it out yourself.

This is believed to be a great idea. So if you’re a good gospel musician and you have quality works then you should avail yourself of this opportunity.



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