Making Good Music Video at the Lowest Cost in Nigeria

1. Your Team


It is really important that Nigerian musicians know how to go about getting high quality music videos at the cheapest cost. The cost of making good music videos these days in Nigeria are at a cut-throat threshold; this means that a musician must be really rich to afford a good music video. As it is said, wherever there is need, a creative solution must manifest to settle that need. Now, let us discuss on how we could make good music videos at a very low and affordable cost.

Knowing what you want is usually the first step if you must arrive at a satisfactory conclusion at the end of the video making experience. Knowing what you want will amount to your music type, genre, performers involved during recording, target audience and message. Take good note of these factors and accurately define each. Now, go through your definitions and see if you are having a better picture of what image you will want your music video to project. The image your music video will project must be in-sync with your music and must communicate well with your target audience.

The second step is knowing the people to work with. So, how do you locate the production team to work with or how do you get for yourself a credible crew with which you will make your music video? To save more on cost, you are advised to create a production crew of about three to five members if you can. Get one of them to handle the camera, another to script the whole production stages, the third for coordinating invitees, the forth taking note of what must come out during editing and post production etc. As you can see, its full time job and if done correctly, you and your newly created production crew are on your way to eating the real cake in music video production locally and internationally; many of the great music video directors and production companies out there today actually started this way.

The importance of working with the right people can not be over emphasized. It is so important that you really need to be careful when selecting your crew members. In whatever you do in life, not only in music video team creation, please take your time when choosing your team. You should look out for general character, aptitude for work, creativity and ability to contribute intelligently during project sessions. How well you go at the end of the day is largely dependent on these.. To be continued.. by IYKE PHELIM

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Remember, you should not drain your bank account and savings because you want good quality music videos!

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